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One-Man Portable Water Well Drilling Equipment, Parts, And Accessories

Number 1 Source For Low Cost, High Quality Portable Water Well Drilling Rigs, Pumps, Casing, Well Screen, Valves, Pressure Tanks, Accessories, Drilling Bits, "How-To" Books And Video's.

We Guarantee The Lowest Price On Comparable High Quality Water Well Drilling Equipment. Compare Quality Before You Buy!!

Do It Yourself And Save! There's Nothing Like The Satisfaction You Get By Drilling Your Own Water Well.

The Most Efficient And Best Built Drilling Rigs On The Market, We Guarantee It.

From 2HP Lightweight Packages to 25HP Commercial Rigs, We Have A Portable Drilling Rig To Fit Your Needs, And Your Budget.

Gasoline And Diesel Rigs Available In All Sizes 

Easy To Operate, Even For The Beginner

Hydra-Jett parts and accessories - Come to us for portable one-man water well drilling rigs.    

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Hydra-Jett 6.5 HP Complete Drilling Package

Everything You Need To Drill Your Own Water Well

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Typical Packages Include: 6.5 HP Hydra-Jett™ Power Mast Assembly With Easy Carry Handles And Wheels, HD Dual Drive Winch, Commercial High Volume Water Swivel, Break-Out Ratchet, HD Drill Guide, 100 ft. Premium Drill Stem, Set Of Our Carbide Rock Buster™  Drill Bits, 5.5 HP Commercial Mud Pump, Pressure Hose Assembly With Double Gate Valves, Suction Hose Assembly With Steel Strainer, And "How-To" Instruction Manuals. 

Fresh Water For The World
Our Drilling Rigs Are In Operation All Over The World Producing High Yield Water Wells For Ranchers, Farmers,  Household Use, Ponds, Lakes, Swimming Pools, Irrigation, Hunting and Fishing Camps. Where It Was Impossible Before, Remote Villages In Africa Who Are In Desperate Need For Water Are Now Using Our Drilling Rigs To Supply Their Entire Communities With Clean Clear Abundant Drinking Water.

The Hydra-Jett Is Also A Great Tool For Geo-Thermal Installations.

Our Design And Engineering Crew

Above: Our Design And Engineering Team

L To R:    Chris,    Tim,    Geoff,    Jody,    DeWayne

We Provide Technical Assistance On All Our Equipment Before And After The Sale.

Call Us And Find Out Why The Hydra-Jett Outperforms And Outlasts All The Rest.

Call Us Toll Free:  1-888-810-6159

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Some Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it actually possible to drill a functional water well using this machine?

A: Yes, in fact, this same rig is used all over the world right now drilling functional water wells for drinking water, irrigation systems, sprinkler systems, ponds, swimming pools, even geo thermal heating and cooling systems. The biggest atvantage of the Hydra-Jett is that it is portable and lightweight, easily transported into back yards, hunting camps, gardens, under trees, etc., and unlike the big truck rigs,  it doesn't destroy the landscape.  

Q: What is the difference in these portable rigs, and the big truck rigs, can you drill as good a well as the big trucks do?

A: These portable rigs can be taken into areas where the big heavy trucks can't go, without destroying landscape in the process,  you can drill the exact same water well with the Hydra-Jett as the big trucks do.

Q: Is it hard to operate?

A: If you can operate a lawn mower, you can drill your own water well. The Hydra-Jett is designed for ease of operation, even for the beginner. We provide a Step-By-Step "How To" instructional manual with each purchase. In just a few simple steps and you can be drilling your own water well.

Q: How does it work?

A: The Hydra-Jett features the rotary drilling method, the most modern method of drilling for water today. It is fast and efficient and until recently it was only available in large, expensive, truck rigs. The Hydra-Jett consists of a rotary drill powered by a gasoline powerhead with an earth cutting bit attached to a five foot length of hollow drill stem. As the bit cuts into the earth, water is pumped through the drill stem with the high pressure mud pump and out at the bit, washing the cuttings up and out of the borehole to the surface. Additional sections of drill stem are screwed on as the bit goes deeper until you reach the water-bearing stratum.

Q: How deep will it drill.

A: The Hydra-Jett is capable of drilling up to 300 feet deep, although the average depth of most water wells is less than 100 feet. Most good water bearing formations are located at around 50 to 75 feet.

Q: How do I know where to drill?

A: If you have as much as a city lot to drill on, the odds of finding a good water-bearing stratum are in your favor. The only things to consider are areas that will flood, you don't want your well flooded by rain water, and stay at least 50 feet from septic fields. Other than that, one drilling site is about as good as the other.

We provide fast customer service and shipping, and all our products come with a 1-year warranty, and Lifetime Warranty on our standard drill bits. Our easily operated portable drilling equipment has proven itself time after time. Easily transported, the Hydra-Jett™ can go where the big rigs can't go.

Q: Why should I consider the Hydra-Jett over the competition?

A: The firts key feature is the heavy duty construction, the support frame is made of all welded high strength tubular steel, this insures a stable, smoothe, straight-line drilling process, not the constant shaking, warbeling, and rocking action commonly seen on the lighter, cheaply made rigs. Another key feature is our patent pending High Volume Water Swivel, our swivel is a high volume, high pressure, high capacity swivel, this is the heart of the rotary drilling system, this is what is needed to force the loose cuttings, gravel, and small rock up and out of the borehole when drilling, especially at depths over 50 feet. Everything about the Hydra-Jett equipment is quality, heavy duty and made to last a lifetime. And we guarantee that you won't find a better price on another "comparable" drilling rig with as much high quality and with all the key standard features, found in the Hydra-Jett and BoreMaster products.

High Volume Swivel

Want More Power? Take A Look At Our BoreMaster ZX-10

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All International Enquiries, Please Contact:

Voula Hayward  408-472-3215

Or Email Voula at: haywardmontecarlo@yahoo.com

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If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, return Unused within 10 Days for a Full Refund less shipping charges.

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